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Peter Howland, EP

Aquatic Scientist, Director

Peter Howland is an accomplished aquatic scientist with 15 years of experience in environmental consulting and is a Principal of GreatPacific. His primary focus includes regulatory approvals, environmental monitoring, and engineering support for marine projects on behalf of government agencies and industrial clients. He is experienced in the complete life cycle of a consulting project including scoping, cost estimating, project management and project execution.
Mr. Howland is experienced in the design and execution of oceanographic and limnological field studies, environmental impact studies, dilution modelling, GIS mapping analysis, marine outfall design, and marine infrastructure inspection. He has executed field studies throughout BC, Nunavut, and Alberta including; numerous baseline and compliance monitoring programs, collection of water, sediment and/or biological samples, bathymetric and topographic surveying, current studies, water column profiling, and visual inspections of outfall pipelines and seabed habitat by SCUBA or remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).
Specialized skills include certification as a Worksafe BC unrestricted SCUBA diver, training and extensive experience with approved dilution modeling packages (CORMIX and Visual Plumes), and is GreatPacific’s ROV pilot.


Peter Howland,  EP
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