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GreatPacific incorporates materials science throughout its engineering work to provide lasting infrastructure solutions. Our materials engineering capabilities and quality management services  support proper material selection and installation for new or existing infrastructure


The service life of existing infrastructure can be prolonged by developing cost effective solutions for rehabilitation of corrosion-damaged structures. Our team has performed condition assessments on various types of infrastructure including bridges, parkades, dams, pipelines, marine structures, sewage treatment and industrial facilities.


Our in-depth knowledge of materials and corrosion science allows us to assist in managing and maintaining important assets.  


Specialized Services

  • Structural assessment and repair

  • Condition assessments (pipelines, outfall/intakes, marine structures, sewage treatment & industrial facilities, bridges, dams)

  • Corrosion potential mapping

  • Physical testing (concrete-coring, adhesion-testing, anchor-testing)

  • Laboratory testing (chloride-ion concentration, rapid chloride-ion permeability, carbonation)

  • Petrographic examination of polished and thin sections

  • Delamination mapping

  • Remaining service-life estimation

Concrete Technology

  • Concrete mix design

  • Aggregate test data review

  • CSA compliance auditing

  • Specification drafting and review

  • Forensic evaluation

Corrosion Assessment and Prevention

  • Coating specification drafting and review

  • Coating condition assessments

  • Coating identification analysis

  • Coating lead content analysis

  • Ultrasonic thickness testing (various media)

  • Corrosion life-cycle management

  • Corrosion potential surveys

  • Cathodic system design

  • Remaining service-life estimation

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

  • Development of monitoring parameters

  • Sourcing and building of sensor / data acquisition units

  • Remote / hard wired systems

  • Corrosion monitoring

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Settlement, tilt, and deflection monitoring

  • Vibration monitoring

  • SHM reporting

Quality Management

  • Develop specifications for QA and QC programs

  • Supplier / subcontractor inspections and audits

  • Review specifications by others for compliance to QA and QC requirements

  • Qualify materials and submittals

  • Define, implement, manage, and maintain QA or QC programs


  • Certified Concrete Tester, CCIL 

  • Cathodic Protection Tester (NACE)

  • Coating Inspector Level 3 (NACE)

Complementary Engineering Services

  • Project management (PMP & MCPM certified professional engineers)

  • Tendering

  • Construction contract administration (e.g. CCDC, MMCD)

  • Water/wastewater treatment plant start-up, commissioning, and optimization

  • Operator training

Organizational Quality Management Program

GreatPacific Consulting Ltd. is Organizational Quality Management Program (OQM) certified by the Association for Professional Engineers and Geoscientists  of British Columbia (APEGBC).

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