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Rainwater has the potential to be destructive and pose significant problems for infrastructure, and for this reason it has generally been managed as a nuisance.  Rainwater plays a critical and important role in the water cycle and the function of ecological systems, for example, aquifer recharge, and replenishment of wetlands and waterways that sustain aquatic ecosystems.

GreatPacific strives to manage rainwater in a thoughtful way that respects the water cycle, while protecting assets from harm.


Rainwater Planning

  • Master drainage plans

  • Drainage studies for land development projects

  • Intergrated stormwater management plans (ISMP)

Detailed Design Services

  • Detailed design of rainwater/stormwater infrastructure 

  • Constructed wetland and stormwater management pond design

3D drafting and modeling (e.g. AutoCAD Civil 3D; SolidWorks) is invaluable for confirming fitment of infrastructure or parts prior to fabrication and installation, as well as for analyzing loads with finite element analysis (FEA).

Complementary Engineering Services

  • Project management (PMP & MCPM certified professional engineers)

  • Tendering

  • Construction contract administration (e.g. CCDC, MMCD)

  • Water/wastewater treatment plant start-up, commissioning, and optimization

  • Operator training

Organizational Quality Management Program

GreatPacific Consulting Ltd. is Organizational Quality Management Program (OQM) certified by the Association for Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEGBC).

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