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Rope-Access Systems provide economical, safe and efficient means to access locations out of the reach of conventional access (e.g. scaffolding, EWP). Where regular access is required, permanent rope-access system anchors are recommended. These systems are strictly regulated by WorkSafe BC and require annual certification and periodic inspection by a certified professional engineer. 

GreatPacific maintains an Industrial Rope-Access (SPRAT) certified Professional Engineer on staff, and provides engineering services for industrial rope-access, restraint, and fall-arrest systems on residential and commercial buildings and industrial infrastructure. 


Design and Certification of Anchor Systems

  • Building audit & inspection for anchor placement determination

  • Chemical anchoring design, specification, & pull-testing

  • Cable-way inspection & testing

  • Materials testing & slab scanning for anchor design

  • Concrete, steel, heritage-building, & timber-frame anchor solutions

  • Structural building modification

  • Access ladders & hatches

  • Building Science & water penetration

Periodic Anchor Inspections

Compliance with Sections 11.8 and 34.12 of the WorkSafe BC Occupational Health and Safety Regulation and CSA Z91-02

Permanent Anchor Certification

Certification in compliance with Sections 11.8 and 34.12 of the WorkSafe BC Occupational Health and Safety Regulation and CSA Z91-02.

Complementary Engineering Services

  • Project management (PMP & MCPM certified professional engineers)

  • Tendering

  • Construction Contract Administration (e.g. CCDC, MMCD)

Organizational Quality Management Program

GreatPacific Consulting Ltd. is Organizational Quality Management Program (OQM) certified by the Association for Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEGBC).

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