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Marine navigational aids and moorings are critical to safe navigation by vessels.  Environmental conditions such as winds, wave, and corrosion are often a real challenge for the successful long term, reliable operation of these important assets.

Our people have valuable experience in planning, designing, installing and maintaining marine navigation and supporting infrastructure. We maintain a commercially certified engineering dive team to collect information first hand.


Detailed Design

  • Marine navigational aids and signals

  • Mooring and anchor system

  • Material selection and corrosion mitigation strategies

  • Visual signals, range, and optics

  • Lead structures

  • Solar charging systems

Asset Management

  • Material and mechanical condition assessments

  • Inspection of structures and ancillary systems

  • Infrastructure remediation

Site Access Solutions For Installations

  • Helicopter landing pads

  • Jack-up barges

  • Landing barges

  • Cranes

Delivery and Efficiency Analysis Consulting

Design Compliance to International Association of Lighted Aids (IALA) Standards

Project Implementation of Ship Tracking Systems (AIS) Networks

Complementary Engineering Services

  • Project management (PMP & MCPM certified professional engineers)

  • Tendering

  • Construction contract administration (e.g. CCDC, MMCD)

  • Water/wastewater treatment plant start-up, commissioning, and optimization

  • Operator training

Organizational Quality Management Program

GreatPacific Consulting Ltd. is Organizational Quality Management Program (OQM) certified by the Association for Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEGBC).

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