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Jason Clarke, P.Eng.

Sr. Engineer, Director

Jason is a Professional Engineer (BC, AB) and principal of GreatPacific.

Jason has more than 25 years of consulting experience. His background encompassed a broad range of infrastructure including intakes and outfalls, ports, terminals and marinas, mines, resort and land development, hydro power, oil and gas, foreshore logging and watered log storage, pipeline and cable crossings, commercial fisheries, aquaculture, contaminated sites, and shoreline protection.

Jason has completed projects located in Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, Mexico, Cuba, Congo, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Australia and India. He has specialist expertise in marine pipelines and has had engineering responsibility for infrastructure with values over $20 Million.

Jason has a wide range of experience throughout the project life cycle including site characterization, detailed engineering, environmental impact assessment, regulatory processes, construction, environmental monitoring and asset condition inspection. He is experienced in managing the regulatory processes for marine construction projects involving; underwater blasting, dredging and excavation, drilling, pile driving, pipelines, fill placement, concrete and habitat creation.

Jason is also a certified commercial diver with experience in underwater surveys and infrastructure inspections.


Jason Clarke, P.Eng.
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