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Adrian Hannam, P.Eng.

Sr. Engineer, Director

Adrian Hannam is a Professional Engineer (EGBC), and a principal of GreatPacific.

Adrian has more than 18 years of experience in mechanical, materials, and construction engineering with special emphasis on marine, coastal, and pipeline infrastructure. This work has involved the design and specification of new infrastructure, condition assessment and performance evaluation of systems in operation, and hands-on remediation and replacement of existing infrastructure.

Adrian has a strong background in mechanical, materials, corrosion, hydraulics, and concrete and steel structural components. He is also an experienced 3D-modelling and design using Solidworks™ for design drafting, finite-element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Clients have benefitted from his ability to quickly determine and solve fitment and alignment challenges by combining his field experience with computer modelling.

Adrian has over a decade of experience leading teams for marine construction projects with values up to $20 million and has supported much larger projects. He has managed and delivered projects in remote offshore locations involving varied project risks, complex logistics, and environment-based scheduling challenges. He has developed excellent risk recognition, planning, and mitigation skills. His hands-on experience with tools, heavy equipment, hardware, and materials combined with strong communications and leadership capabilities showcase his effectiveness as a manager for delivering projects.


Adrian Hannam, P.Eng.
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