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Adrian Hannam P.Eng. MCPM

Adrian is an accomplished Professional Mechanical Engineer and Principal of GreatPacific. As a results-oriented Engineer and Project Manager, he enjoys seeking innovative solutions to challenging projects. He has over fourteen years’ experience designing, building, managing, remediating and consulting upon both land and marine based infrastructure projects locally and internationally. These projects have involved the site/structural inspections (including ropes access), forensic evaluation and identification of failure modes (extreme loading, cyclic and fatigue failure, corrosion and wear), development of remediation plans to return structures to service and extend service-lives, and then putting the plan into effect with the management and delivery of onsite construction works.


Combined with being a capable mariner, the significant amount of remote projects he has managed permit him to plan and deliver marine projects from pursuit to closure. Adrian effectively couples his experience with risk identification and mitigation skills, and collaboratively works to provide value and pragmatic solutions. Clients benefit from Adrian’s straight forward attitude and effective communication style. His experience with tools, materials, and logistics combined with a caring attitude and leadership skills permit him to be an effective manager of all phases of project delivery.

Underwater Pipeline Engineering

  • Metlakatla Outfall Detailed Design & Construction Inspection: Metlakatla, BC Canada

  • Klahoose Site Inspection, Outfall Alignment, Design Feasibility: Klahoose, BC Canada

  • Sliammon Outfall Detailed Design & Field Inspections: Sliammon, BC, Canada

  • Environment Canada Outfall Effluent Modelling Marine Survey: Multiple sites - BC Coast, Canada

  • AANDC ACRS Outfall & WWTP Inspections:  Multiple sites along BC Coast, Canada

  • Long Harbour Processing Plant Outfall & Water Conveyance: Long Harbour, NFLD Canada

  • Macoah Outfall Detailed Design & Tender Specifications: Barclay Sound, BC Canada

  • Five Fingers Outfall Alignment & Survey Works: Nanaimo, BC Canada

  • Cowichan Valley RD Outfall Alignment and Preliminary Design: Cowichan Bay, BC Canada

  • Cape Lazo Outfall UT & CP Dive Inspection Report: Campbell River, BC Canada

  • McLoughlin Point Microtunnel Harbour Crossing and Marine Outfall: CRD, BC Canada

  • Marine Outfall Inspection (Bazan Bay, McMicking Point, Finnerty Cove, Sidney): CRD, BC Canada

  • Macaulay Point Pump Station & Outfall Hydraulic Testing/Forensic Modelling: Victoria, BC Canada

  • San Jose Storm Outfall Design, Permit, Tender, & Construction Management: Victoria, BC Canada

  • Bearspaw Outfall Design and Construction Specifications: Bow River, Alberta

  • Dockside Green Stormdrain & Diffuser Inspection (’12 & ’13): Victoria, BC Canada

  • Hesquiaht Outfall Inspection: Hot Springs Cove, BC Canada

Marine & Coastal Engineering

  • Sea-Level Rise Assessments for multiple Coastal Residential Development Permits: CRD, BC

  • Hydro’s Passage Structural Remediations & Pile-Jacketing Design & Construction: QLD, AUS

  • Co-Designed & Delivered Pelorus Island Solar Farm Upgrade: QLD, AUS

  • Developed AMS’s Guyed-DGPS Tower Policy and Remediation Plan: AUS-Wide

  • Designed and Constructed Marine Tripod Navigation Towers: AUS-wide

  • Constructed Pelorus Island Helipad: QLD, AUS

  • Demolished and constructed East Strait Main Island Hex GRP Tower: QLD, AUS (Coral Sea)

  • Co-Designed a Screw-piled Foundation & Lattice Tower for AMSA: QLD, AUS

  • North Reef Lighthouse Heritage Remediation Assessment & Remediation: QLD, AUS

  • Torres Strait Tidegauge Tower Remediations: Torres Strait, QLD, AUS

  • Redesigned Nardana Patches ADCP Deployment System: Torres Strait, QLD, AUS

  • Holmes & Creal Reef BOM Structural Assessments & Remediations: QLD, AUS

  • Demolished and constructed Clerke Island Hex GRP Tower: QLD, AUS (Coral Sea)

  • 12m Lattice & Screw-piled Foundation Design & Construction: South West Rocks, NSW, AUS

  • Demolished and constructed Browse Island Hex GRP Tower: WA, AUS (Timor Sea)

  • Lads Passage Coating Failure Evaluation & Remediation: QLD, AUS

  • 12m Tube Tower Foundation Design & Construction: Huskisson, NSW, AUS

Marine Navigation & Moorings

  • Cape Lambert Tug Harbour Navigation Tripod Evaluation:  Cape Lambert, WA, AUS

  • Developed Spar Buoy Dynamic Motion & Response Calculator: Brisbane, QLD, AUS

  • Developed AMS’s National Buoy Mooring System & Drawings: AUS-wide

  • Evaluated & Designed Numerous Mooring Systems for an array of Buoys: AUS-wide

  • Assisted in the Implementation of the CCG’s National AIS Network: Canada-wide

  • Co-Developed Marine Shipping Channel Design – Chevron Gorgon: WA, AUS

  • Designed & Constructed Leads & Channel Buoys: Lord Howe Island, AUS

  • Evaluated Proprietary “Sea-Grass Friendly Mooring System” & Improvements: QLD, AUS

  • Developed Port Hedland C2 Spar Buoy Installation: WA, AUS

  • Determined Spencer Gulf Buoy Mooring Failures: SA, AUS

  • Co-Designed & Deployed 38m tall Breaksea Spit Spar Buoy: Fraser Island, QLD, AUS

  • Port Douglas Lighthouse LED Laser Sector Design & Install: QLD, AUS

  • Mekong River Spring-Loaded Channel Markers: Vietnam

  • SAR Datum Buoy Roto-Moulding Design & Testing: Brisbane, AUS

Industrial Ropes-Access & Fall-Arrest 

  • Empress Hotel Ropes-Access Anchors Design & Certification: Victoria, BC Canada

  • VERA Industrial – Confined Space Manual Certification: Victoria, BC

  • Edith Cavill Building - Rope Access Annual Inspections & Certifications: Victoria, BC

  • St. Andrew’s Walk (East & West) Ropes-Access Annual Inspection Audit: Victoria, BC

  • Pond’s Landing Ropes-Access Annual Inspection Audit: Victoria, BC

  • Reflections Building Ropes-Access Annual Inspection Audit: Victoria, BC

  • Creal Reef Leads Structure Daymark Redesign & Installation: QLD, AUS

  • Cape Don Lighthouse Inspection & Remediation Program: NT, AUS

  • Three Isles Navigation Tower Remediation: QLD, AUS

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