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Tommy Bechamp, GradTech

Civil Technologist

Tommy is Civil Engineering Technologist and is a member of ASTTBC. While serving in the Canadian Navy as a Marine Engineer Mechanic he gained valuable experience with the propulsion, power generation, power distribution, and auxiliary system on board various naval vessels as well as fleet support shore facilities. He obtained an ITA red seal in Heavy Equipment Operation installing municipal infrastructure for commercial and residential properties. These careers have provided a vast experience as a project coordinator, independent worker, team player, and has an ability to adapt and adjust to many types of projects and environments. While being employed GreatPacific he has gained the experience of detail design of marine intakes and outfalls, field inspections of marine facilities, written reports of existing conditions and possible repairs if required, submersible ROV maintenance and operation.
Combined with being a capable mariner, the significant number of projects and careers have allowed him to gain years of experience working in the marine and industrial environment. He understands the health and safety risks associated with working in remote and challenging environments. Tommy has effectively coupled his experience and education with a position that promotes his understanding of the marine environment and industry to successfully integrated as a valuable member of GreatPacific Consulting Ltd. Clients have benefited from Tommy’s has positive attitude and effective communication style while working in difficult areas. His experience in the Navy with mechanical systems, as a HEO on various work sites, and GreatPacific as a design and field technologist required him to maintain a professional attitude, use adaptable behavour, leadership skills to complete and manage projects to their completion.


Tommy Bechamp, GradTech
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