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Michelle Spani, MSc. RPBio

Marine Biologist

Michelle Spani (M.Sc.) is a Registered Professional biologist with 13 years of experience conducting aquatic assessments in Canada and abroad. Michelle’s expertise includes environmental permitting, environmental assessment, and impact studies. Michelle has experience working in the Northwest Territories providing regulatory support and technical field support for aquatic effects monitoring programs at the Snap Lake Mine. Michelle is familiar with regulatory requirements for aquatic programs in the Northwest Territories and has experience building productive working relationships with local indigenous communities, regulatory agencies, and stakeholders.

Michelle is skilled at leading and managing large-scale, complex, multifaceted projects and has led environmental impact assessments and environmental management programs for construction projects involving:

˃ Infrastructure construction, repair, and maintenance > Underwater blasting ˃ Dredging and excavation ˃ Drilling ˃ Pile driving ˃ Pipelines ˃ Fill placement ˃ Concrete ˃ Habitat creation


Michelle Spani, MSc. RPBio
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